DBC Meeting #2

Wednesday, March 9, 2005


The first official monthly meeting of the DBC was held on Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
at SidePockets Sports Bar and Grill in beautiful downtown St. Charles, Missouri.


Nance Slot Machine Lloyd 
Fred Weird Beer Lloyd
Mark “Not the Shark” Sickis
I am Teresa!
MattyBoy Sickis
LaConte of J. Sickis
Alane Macaroni
Jelly BooBash
Lora Sickis



Big “O”
Our favorite Jinny
Pablo El Diablo
Reg “Tex” Neff
Chip off the block Wilhelm



N. Slots Machine Lloyd



Pablo El Diablo



Alane Macaroni



MattyBoy Sickis



Many positions are still open.  Feel free to appoint yourself to whatever you deem befits your special talents and qualifications. 

Topics of Discussion:

  •  Trailhead Brewery too Expensive

  •  Jeannette thought every man in the bar was jealous of Fred

  •  Cable Modem – Router – Switches – Tarpaulins – Velcro  -    Key chains

  •  Laura bored by conversation

  •  David B. growing up

  •  Elaine needs to focus

  •  Jackie’s niece works at SidePockets

  •  How About those Cards?

  •  SidePockets doesn’t serve pitchers of beer

  •  Fred drinks nasty looking beer

  •  Teresa suggests a Highlights magazine for adults

  •  Mark only has one more week of volleyball

  •  Did Mom think Nancy and Greg LaConte would have made a good match?

  •  Laura was talking behind Elaine’s back in front of her

  •  Matt wore a guest name tag to his own company dinner

  •  We should remember to order chicken nachos next time

  •  Ben signed contract w/Mercy Cardiology but will have an office in O’Fallon

  •  Sarah’s acceptance at high school/college        

  •  Jeannette and Nancy are a little slow to catch on

  •  Teresa suggests novel uses for cremated ashes 

  •  Minutes will be in Blog Form

  •  Mom & Dad’s 60th Anniversary

  •  Andy used to ride the bulls in the rodeo

  •  Elaine yawned – Laura suggests it might be time to go home

  •  Julie & Teresa vetoed the suggestion

  •  Laura asks that we not throw money at her

  •  Karen’s 1st Communion will be April 30th.

The meeting got off to a trepidacious start at Trailhead Brewery when Elaine paid $7.50 for two beers.  Shortly thereafter Laura perused the menu and noticed nachos were $9.00.  A quick vote was taken and it was decided to relocate the meeting to a more suitable (cheaper) establishment.  SidePockets was decided upon and calls were made to the remaining club members advising them of the change.


           Laura and Teresa were the first ones on the scene at SidePockets.  Julie, Nancy, Fred and Elaine followed shortly thereafter where they found L & T sitting at a nice long but narrow, high table, chugging beers and giggling like schoolgirls.  What led up to their childish behavior remains a mystery.


          Jeannette was the next to arrive wearing a long western style jeans jacket covering a white tee shirt with buttons up the sleeve and Jeannette jeans.  Her hair and makeup were done to perfection and she came ready to eat.  So ready in fact, that she brought a baggie with some sort of dog food looking salad munchies and a container of salad dressing in her purse. 


           Mark came next, looking dapper, but surely conflicted.  Though he tried to hide it, those of us who know him best were certain he was torn between the love he has for his family and his obligation to the volleyball team.   What to do, what to do?  Luckily he was able to down a cold brew, instruct Fred on computer routing procedures and chat for a few minutes before kissing his beloved wife and bidding his family a fond adieu. 


          In record time, the bearded twin, AKA Matthew, reached destination SidePockets at 8:39 p.m., and settled in nicely for the evening.  His delay was due to some work function, where in twin-like fashion he also had to make a heart retching decision between family and commitment.  His choice to spend the bulk of the evening with his family paid off well, as evidenced later that night when his laugher curtailed his ability to speak to his younger brother.  Though Elaine tried valiantly to take over and finish the conversation for him, she too experienced difficulty talking while tears of laughter rolled down her cheeks.  This was taken as a sure sign that he had made the right choice.


          Several culinary delights were shared by all including, but not limited to, potato skins, French fries, chicken nachos, regular nachos, fried mushrooms and chicken salad.  These tempting morsels were washed down with iced tea, coca cola, our friend Bud Light and some strange malt concoction with varied degrees of brown colored beer (Fred’s choice).


          During last night’s meeting of the minds decisions were made, surveys were taken and several random thoughts were expressed.  Though too numerous and, in many cases, too minute and possibly too immature to relate, a summary of the highlighted topics is given below:


Dinner at Mimi’s Cafe will be Wednesday April 13th, 2005 7:00 p.m.
If you have a scheduling conflict, please respond as soon as possible so we can pick a new date.


7 out of 9 Sicking Siblings have experienced fainting diarrhea at least once, but more commonly several times in their life.
One sibling was taken to the hospital during a diarrhea bout.
One sibling who has never had the condition did have a rather large tumor expressed from her insides many years ago.  Is there a connection?

No conclusion yet as to why the remaining sibling has never experienced this medical malfunction.  Could it be perhaps that she is better at keeping things bottled up than the rest of us


Scheduling of Monthly Meetings

In reverse order of birth, each person will take a turn to set up, organize and schedule the next meeting.  Matt may be willing to post the dates on a family web-site if that would work best for all, although a reminder via e-mail should probably be sent out as well.  Laura did the March meeting.  April will be Mimi’s Restaurant, so Julie will be responsible for the May meeting, Clare will have June and so-forth



In searching for a name befitting our family club, many suggestions were thrown in the hat and many were tossed out.  Everyone was in agreement that the name had to be both unique and meaningful to just us.  A name that would bring fond memories of childhood, spark laughter in our hearts and fill us with a sense of family.  After much deliberation and careful soul searching, it was decided that our newly formed club would be called The DBC.  Henceforth, from this day on, the monthly meeting of the Sicking Siblings and Parents Club shall now and forever be known as the Dodie & Bones Club, or The DBC for short.


Final Thoughts

To treasurer Paul – The bar bill came to $70.00 and the food bill was $43.00.  Please remit funds as soon as possible.

As self appointed Seckitary (yes, I do know how to properly spell secretary) I will be happy to keep track of any tidbits of information, requests for topics of discussion or general gossip that you may want to include in the following month’s meeting.  Please call or send an e-mail and I’ll add it to the agenda.

Seed Money – There was $10.00 seed money left over at one point last evening.  Did anyone take it?

A word of warning:  If you feel the need to send an e-mail pointing out any grammatical errors, typos or incorrect information found in the minutes of last night’s meeting you will be banned from receiving future letters.  The choice is yours.