DBC Meeting #3
April 13, 2005


Held at Mimi’s Cafe in Chesterfield, MO



Big "O"
Our Favorite Jinny
Nance “Slots Machine” Lloyd
Matty Boy Sickus
La Conte of J Sickus
Alane Macaroni
Mafia A Macaroni
Chip off the Block Wilhelm
Wally Ball Wilhelm
Lora Sickus


Fred Weird Beer Lloyd
Mark “Not the Shark” Sickis
I am Teresa!

Pablo El Diablo
Reg “Tex” Neff


N. Slots Machine Lloyd


Pablo El Diablo


Alane Macaroni


MattyBoy Sickis

Inspirational Guru


This meeting was held in a more formal setting. Members sat around a very large rectangular table which didn’t lend itself to group conversation, and as such there was no club business attended to. However, for the benefit of those who couldn’t attend, following is a recap of the evening from your seckitary’s perspective –

Laura, Andy, Katie and Elaine were the first to arrive and began to scope out a gathering area. After much discussion, Elaine got her way and we huddled at a very nice marble topped table. While waiting for others to arrive, Laura modeled her new vacation belt, which depicted scenes from various tourist spots across the nation. We also learned that no Mimi’s Cafe in the United States serves hard liquor - beer and wine only. Sorry Mom.

Julie and Katie would have been there as well, but Julie was lost in the strip store parking lot and couldn’t find Mimi’s house with the roof. After much ado and several attempts at directing her in via cell phone, she located the establishment and settled down with her friend, Bud Light.

Clare, Mom, Dad, Katie, and Mark W. followed shortly thereafter. Clare was still in her neutral colors mood and wore a lovely tan suede blazer. Mark W. was kind enough to buy a round of drinks before dinner to which several of us owe him a big thank you.

Dad came hungry and reminisced about the French Dip Sandwich he had the last time he was at Mimi’s. It must have been a mighty fine sandwich indeed, because he ordered the same fare this evening and seemed to enjoy it once again. As a side note, he refused to taste my honey dipped oat muffin and by doing so, missed out on a culinary delight.

Mom seemed exceptionally small seated at our massive table, but what she lacked in size, she made up for in personality. Once she got over her no hard liquor disappointment she gamely joined in the festivities. I did however see her bend down under the table, reach in her purse and pull out a flask a time or two, but I’m sure that was just the water she carries with her to quench her parched throat.

Matt, Katie & Jeannette sauntered in high style wearing matching white pants and black shirts. Jeannette won the fashion prize as her accessories coordinated much nicer than the ones that Matt chose. As a matter of fact, Matt’s necklace and bracelet actually clashed with his attire.

Nancy and Katie were the last to arrive. Nancy was right on time for the 7:30 reservation. There was some discrepancy over whether the meeting time was 7:00 or 7:30 and Nance was concerned we changed the time without telling her. Again I repeat, no, the time was not changed, we just never had it right.

Everyone then got down to the business of eating, which was done in abundance. Several appetizers, soups, salads, bread and main dishes were consumed. For dessert one slice of Key lime pie was shared by all. Afterwards, being ready to burst I left for home and sweatpants. (For events after my departure, please see remaining members.)


(Items between these |+|+ signs are from Matt who, unlike Madame Sekitary, stayed until the last.)

After Elaine, Katie and Andy left, Mom, Katie and Dad went to the rest room – presumably for a nice rest. While they were gone Mark W. and Katie went outside and gallantly fetched the car for his bride, Katie, Mom and Dad. Nancy, Julie, Katie, Jeannette, and Matt stuck around for about a half hour talking about stuff that Matt mostly didn’t follow.

Like this long story about some old dress that Julie had that was white with little sparkly dots on it where the dots were far apart at the top and then got closer together at the bottom (or maybe it was the other way around). But the dress, having been stored away for a long time (I think it was like from Julie’s prom, or maybe a girl scout festival in days past) looked not yellow, but some other color that was definitely not white.

So Julie and Katie used soap, and Woolite, and Goop, and Mr. Clean and all kinds of cleaning solutions on it to attempt to whiten the now not-yellow-but-definitely-not-white dress. (In case this is confusing let me clarify something here: Julie needed the dress because one of her daughters – along with Katie - was either making her first communion, or graduating from college, or getting married, or becoming a nun or something – I didn’t really hear that part but it didn’t seem to important to know this in order to follow this cool story about sparkly dots and a dress with a color that can’t be named by mere mortals.)

Well (for those of you still following this story) it turns out that the color just wouldn’t let itself become a true white, but rather wanted to continue to stay the same unnamable color that it now was (perhaps due to the fact that it felt that there are a lot of white dresses – with and without sparkly dots – but very few that are this not-yellow-but-definitely-not-white color, because if there were a lot of them surely someone from the Webster’s Unabridged staff would have gotten around to inventing a name for it.)

So (and here comes the tragic part of the story) Julie decided to use bleach on the dress (she didn’t specify whether this was Chlorine Bleach or that other kind of bleach that looks like soap powder, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t germane to the story, so I won’t digress.) And wouldn’t you know it, all the sparkly dots, which were the true selling point of this dress (or maybe the selling point wasn’t the dots themselves but the fact that they were sparkly dots laid over this (formerly) white fabric – or maybe the selling point was this curious distribution of the dots – close together in one place and far apart in another. But I know that the dots were involved in the selling point) turned yellow.

I waited to find out if this climax to the story was funny or sad by watching the reaction of Nancy, Katie, and Jeannette, and decided it was one of those hybrid what-a-shame-but-lets-laugh-so-we-feel-better-about-your-sorrow kind of climaxes, so I kind of laughed with a sad look in my eyes and nobody seemed to think I was acting inappropriately. (I certainly didn’t say anything stupid like “who cares about a dumb old dress with a bunch of dots” or anything like that.)

And the waitress, who was pointedly clearing off the table we were sitting at and wondering when we’d ever leave said, “The same thing happened to me.”

Then Julie told this story about this woman who fell asleep while Julie was telling her that her baby was going to die. (She does a better job of telling it than I do.  You might want to ask her about it yourself.)

Then Katie, Nancy, Katie, Jeannette, Julie, Katie, Matt, Katie, and Katie decided to leave and talk out in the parking lot where it wasn’t so comfortable. I snuck into the restroom first without telling anyone (I thought Katie had seen me and would tell Jeannette where I was, but I must have been mistaken abut that.) I just wanted to take another quick look at the stainless steel trough-like sink in the men’s room.

Then I went outside and got the car and drove to the other side of the parking lot where Katie and her mom and two aunts were talking. When I got there, Katie was helping Nancy hold up this first communion dress on a hangar that she had made (she made the dress - not the hangar) and was apparently asking for some advice as to where to put this strip of lace on it (under the belt, up the front, or whatever).

Jeannette said leave it off, and Julie agreed. Katie didn’t express her opinion – I guess she didn’t want to upset her mom needlessly (whereas I’m sure that’s exactly what Julie and Jeannette had in mind.) I opined that what the dress really needed was some sparkly dots arranged in some kind of unconventional and mesmerizing pattern. Then we went home. +|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|

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Evenings Highlights & Misc. Notes

Men’s bathroom had a trough-like sink similar to a large urinal. Matt and Mark Wilhelm were both frightened and attracted to it.

Laura only wants to go places where the salad dressing is served in small silver pitchers from now on.

Server’s name: Katie

Nancy knows someone who is bipolar, however she was too far away to get any details.

Plant on table too large – had to be moved

Julie got a new perm – looks okay to us.

Comments were made regarding Elaine’s inadequacy in the Seckitary department that evening.

Women’s bathroom received high marks. The gold plated fixtures were in excellent condition and the sink was made of gold hammered metal. There were frosted glass fronts on the stall doors and each one contained two full rolls of toilet paper. Fine accommodations indeed.

Laura, Katie and Julie used their menus for privacy folders and each said two rude things.

Syr. and Egy., Once

Matt confirmed that in true Sicking fashion, no emotions escaped over the course of the evening.

Katie would like to see her name in this month’s DBC minutes. (Sorry Katie, we can’t do that.)


Final Club Business

There has been a suggestion regarding starting a monthly pot (suggested amount of $5.00 per meeting) to be used for an evening out at the end of the year. This will require some discussion as well as input from out of towners and occasional attendees so it will be on the agenda and up for vote next month.

As Laura will be working on the 1st Wednesday of May and the 1st Thursday is Cinco de Mayo (a bar crowd favorite) the date of next month’s meeting will be Wednesday, May 11th at 7:00 p.m. Location TBA.

The family address book is coming along nicely. Please be sure to update our webmaster Matt with any additions or changes. He will be adding addresses and birth dates to the forum.

Julie has graciously accepted the DBC position of Inspirational Guru. She will have the distinct honor of reading an inspiring thought for us to start off each meetings. Let’s all give Julie a warm welcome.

Again, though many positions are still open, we would like to get nominations for DBC Sergeant at Arms. This person will be in charge of keeping everyone on track. Not an entirely easy job given that the meetings will usually be held in places where the beer is plentiful, so please consider the person’s qualifications before nominating them. As Julie has said, it can’t be her because she loves tangents.

And finally, it has come to our attention that certain grandchildren not only fail to see the humor in the DBC, but actually think it is rather stupid and have been mocking it behind our backs.  In Matt’s opinion, this is sure evidence that we must be doing something right. Keep up the good work one and all!


- Respectfully Submitted this 15th day of May 2005

Seckitary Alane Macaroni