DBC Meeting #5
Wednesday, June 2, 2005

Held at Chevy’s Restaurant on Olive west of I-170.


N. Slots Machine Lloyd
Fred Weird Beer Lloyd
Mgus Not the Shark Sickis
I am Teresa!
Mungo Sickis
LaConte of J. Sickis
Alane Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni Chip off the Block Wilhelm
Wally Ball Wilhelm
Dixie McCall BooBash
Miss Kitty Sickis


Big "O"
Our Favorite Jinny
Pablo El Diablo
Intergalactic Janet
Reg Tex Neff
Mafia A Macaroni
BanjoMan BooBash





Inspirational Guru:

Sergeant At Arms:

Beer Fund Collector:

Major Events Coordinator:

N. Slots Machine Lloyd

Pablo El Diablo

Alane Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni

Mungo Sickis

Dixie McCall BooBash

Mgus Sickis

Chip off the Block Wilhelm

Miss Kitty Sickis

La reunion de DBC de Junio se tuvo en un restaurante Mexicano fino llano Chevy’s.  Los miembros que asistieron la atomos fera agradable, el alimento sabroso y el entertaning de la compania.  --Holy enchilada, I must have consumed too much salsa last night.  My apologies. Let me begin again...

The June meeting of the DBC club was held at a fine Mexican Restaurant called Chevy’s.  The members in attendance found the atmosphere pleasant, the food tasty and the company entertaining.  Remarkably, Mungo and LaConte of J were there on time and although Mgus and I am Teresa! were still MIA, we could wait no longer. 

Editor’s note: Even more remarkably, Mungo and LaConte of J arrived before Alane Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni and Miss Kitty Sickis who normally show up hours early to get a head start on beer consumption.
Another Editor’s note: The editor in this case is yours truly Mungo Sickis who, as Webmaster, takes these minutes and transcribes them into the official repository on the Internet.  As such, I get final say as to what gets printed.  Heh, heh.

With the sweep of her hand and the banging of her plastic gavel, Slots got us off to an official start at 19:11.  We then raised our bottles and glasses in his honor, and called upon the good name of St. Cronan to protect us from the evils of prohibition and quench our thirst in a manner befitting the DBC.

With St. Cronan comfortably at our side, we turned our attention to Dixie McCall who recited this month’s motivational  passage. 

I think a funny thing to say when a child asks you why it is raining would be: 'God is crying because you were bad.'" 

Truer words were never spoken.  Thank you, Dixie. 

Having confirmed that Roberts Rules of Order were securely in place and being followed to the letter of the law, we allowed ourselves to relax a bit and socialization amongst members began.  Mgus arrived at preciously 19:29 and was warmly greeted by all.  Still no I am Teresa! however.  We began to worry about our missing girl, what’s her name?

Shortly thereafter Slots had an announcement to make and silence was called for.  As a hush came over the crowd she began the presentation of the 3rd major DBC Croney  award. (There were five suggestions for award names and the powers that be selected Croney as in the patron saint of the DBC.)  But who was to be awarded?  Faces were filled with anticipation as she honored one of our own members by reciting some of the many virtues of this yet unknown recipient.  There were far too many accolades to list them all, but as best I can remember, they included hard working, loyal, asset to the club, trustworthy, faultless, morals beyond reproach, top ranking sibling, generous, parental favorite, skin soft as a lambs back porch, and most notably highly intellectual. Who would it be, who would it be?.  With tension mounting Slots slowly and distinctly uttered the winner’s name......ALANE INAZ SHARKAWAY MACARONI!  Yes it’s true, your humble seckitary took home this month’s Croney.  Again our thanks to Katie Lloyd for her artistic personalization of the Croney which included a squirrel sitting atop a toilet taking notes on a tiny roll of toilet paper.


Evenings Highlights & Misc. Notes

- Jeannette wore an asymmetrical shirt and drank an alcoholic beverage.  Something surely is askew

- PS – This is what part of the alphabet would look like if it was missing Q&R

- Turtleneck sweaters give Jeannette hot flashes

- Teresa died her hair red and wouldn’t talk to us

- Chevy’s salsa is a favorite of Clare, Fred and Mark; however it reminds Jeannette of diarrhea bones.

- Clare wonders how annoying she is

- Clare and Julie have secret yellow tickets

- Elaine stole Laura’s chair

- Laura stole Elaine’s chair

- Laura made a good point about chairs

- There unaccountably seems to be a lot of Mexican’s at Chevy’s restaurant

- Clare and Julie are whispering again

- Laura said something really stupid

- Julie said Elaine is boring her and why is she still talking?

- Fred has accepted responsibility for checking RV prices

- Spain is closed!

- Teresa finally arrived at 9:05 p.m.

- Adam bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Matt likes it.  It is loaded.  Matt is not.

- Clare was talking about Patti the other day

- Elaine is in the bathroom

- Nancy wrote the winning so Laura presented her with Elaine’s award.

- Elaine wasn’t happy to find out about her award being re-awarded.

- Clare doesn’t like it because everyone will think we’re fat

- Laura and Jeannette are whispering rudely and laughing

- According to her, Clare’s one leg looked really fat at Claire’s wedding.  Matt said he noticed this, too, and was worrying that perhaps Clare had contracted elephantiasis.  And more importantly whether elephantiasis was contagious.

- I won an award!

- Matt discovered a long hair growing out of his ear.

- Mark W. arrived at 9:15 p.m.

- Matt inadvertently pulled out his long ear hair.  Following Clare’s suggestion he placed it in the beer fund jar.

- Clare is a fast money counter

- Laura says everyone should bring small bills next time.

- Laura was observed scratching her lower back porch (perhaps she’s not wiping properly)

- Teresa thinks Chevy’s beer mug isn’t very comfortable.  Needs larger mouth and a thinner handle.

- Julie thinks Chevy’s used to be a big bar with wall-to-wall people.

- Fred and Mark scooted through a cave one time on their backs.  Mark doesn’t remember.  Matt remembers on Mark's behalf. 

- Many DBCers cringed upon meditating on being inside a cave where you couldn;t stnd up or turn around.

- Elaine goes nuts with claustrophobia in the back seat of large vans.

- Someone took Elaine’s beer

- Mark kissed Elaine Abbott in the basement on Halloween night.  Many years ago.  Matt disagreed on the date.  Mark scowled.

- Mark and Matt met Elaine Abbott through Pat Finley or at Cobalts.

- No twin fighting.  Can’t we all just get along?

- Fred has insomnia, but won’t admit to it.

- Mark and Fred discussed computer MTV business

- Clare turns into pumpkin at 10:00 p.m.

- Dad asks that we remind everyone family picnic is September 11th.


And again, because inquiring minds want to know, following are the results of this month’s survey:

Members Bathroom Schedules




N. Slots Machine Lloyd

1 x daily

5:30 a.m. - occasionally in the afternoon

Fred Weird Beer Lloyd

2.7 x daily

8:00 a.m - 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Mgus Not the Shark Sickis

3 x day

7:00 - break time - when (illegible) starts

I am Teresa!

unavailable for comment


Mungo Sickis

6 x weekly

Ranges - no particular time

LaConte of J. Sickis



Pablo El Diablo

1 x daily

10:00 daily at the office - weekends unknown
(late breaking input: 11:37am this past Thursday)

Reg "Tex" Neff

unavailable for comment


Alane Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni

1 x daily

early a.m. - usually 5:30 a.m.

Chip off the Block Wilhelm

1 x daily

8:30 p.m.

Dixie McCall BooBash

1 x daily

6:30 a.m. - occasionally in the afternoon

Miss Kitty Sickis

1 x daily

within 45 minutes of waking



Final Club Business

Matt has done a wonderful job updating and editing the Sicking Family website and address book.  He is currently in the process of making it username sensitive and password protected.  Once completed your username will be your first name and the password will be Ollie and Jinny’s 7th child’s first name with first letter capitalized.  (I think we all know whom that is.) 

[Editor’s note: To clarify, your username will be your first name if you were the first person in the Sicking extended family to have that first name.  Otherwise, your username is your firstname and last initial.  Therefore, for instance:
     Mark Sicking's username is "Mark"
     Mark Wilhelm’s username is “MarkW”
     Elaine McInerney's username is "Elaine"
     Elaine Miazga’s username is “ElaineM”.
The one not so obvious username is Mark & Teresa’s daughter Laura’s.  Because Miss Kitty’s name is also Laura Sicking 18 year old Laura’s username is LauraTS.  In any event if you don’t like your username I will be adding a facility allow you to change it.]

Patrick Neff has compiled a picture site for the family.  You can view it at http://sickpics.ath.cx but I don’t think there are any pictures in there as yet.

Laura has created and appointed herself to the position of Major Events Coordinator and will now be your main contact for all large extracurricular functions.  We welcome Laura to this new position and look forward to a fun filled social calendar with her at the helm.

Some membership names have been changed:

Mark the Shark will now be known as Mgus.

Elaine has added her old moniker Inaz Sharkaway to her name

Julie will now be Dixie McCall taken from the nurse on the old Emergency television series

Laura has chosen Miss Kitty – presumably a reference to her love for cats

Regie – I must apologize because neither Clare nor I can remember the name you wanted yours changed to.  Please resubmit for next meeting.

Janet will try out – Intergalatic Janet for a while.  A name Teresa remembers from a kids’ television show.

June meeting of the DBC will be held at Duchesne Bar and Grill on Tuesday, July 12th.
(Subject to change)


-Respectfully submitted this 2nd day of June 2005

-Seckitary Alane Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni