DBC Meeting #9

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Held at Malone's Grill and Bar
Page & Schuetz.


N.  Slots Machine Lloyd
Fred Weird Beer Lloyd
Mgus Not the Shark Sickis
 I Am Teresa!
Mungo Sickis
Alane Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni
Chip off the Block Wilhelm
Wally Ball Wilhelm
Dixie McCall BooBash
Miss Kitty Sickis


Big “O”
Our Favorite Jinny

LaConte of J.  Sickis
Pablo El Diablo
Intergalactic Janet
Rhea Madea Diarrhea Neffarreah
Mafia A.  Macaroni
Banjo Man BooBash



N.  Slots Machine Lloyd


Pablo El Diablo


Alane Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni


Mungo Sickis

Inspirational Guru:  

Dixie McCall BooBash

Sergeant at Arms: 

Mgus Sickis

Beer Fund Collector:

Chip off the Block Wilhelm

 Major Events Coordinator:

Miss Kitty Sickis

Vice Charperson (position vacant)

After a long summer break which included two road trips, the DBC was back in full force Tuesday evening at Malone’s Bar and Grill.  This establishment may be better known to some of you as the former Bombay Bicycle Club or Nelson’s Landing.  Word has it that it also went by a fourth name years ago.  Unfortunately no notes were taken regarding this and the information therefore seems to have gone down the dodie and bones extrapolator, much like the beer and soda we consumed that evening. 

The Wilhelms were the first to arrive.  As there seemed to be nothing to talk about, they quietly mulled around in the bar area where Mark W.  was all a-twitter with anticipation anxiously awaiting other DBC members.  The St.  Charles county sisters, who just happen to be the prettiest of the lot, followed shortly thereafter and seating arrangements were made.  (Clare and Mark chose this time to split up, however reconciliation did follow later in the evening.)

The beer fund collection was replenished, and Fred graciously paid his share even though he hadn’t yet arrived. 

It was now 6:55.  Where were the other members and why weren’t they early for getting there on time? The minutes ticked by.  6:56, 6:57, at last we heard someone’s footsteps.  At 6:58 Matt bounded through the door and relief flooded through our veins.  Another member had arrived.  Our happiness was short lived as we realized that Julie, Teresa, Mark and Fred were still out there, somewhere in the dark.  Again, the minutes dragged by.  7:00 came and went.  Our eyes were constantly darting to the front door searching for a recognizable face.  It was now 7:02 and with frazzled nerves our fear became apparent.  Will the agony never cease? We wanted to scream out and release the weight bearing down on our souls.  Then, just when we thought we could withstand no more, the door creaked open and at precisely 7:03 in walked Julie. 

"Halleluiah!" we all cried, "Halleluiah!" At last, at long, long last, the anguish that had been drowning us abated.  There were now enough family members present to call the waitress and order our beer! (We believe the remaining members showed up sometime later that evening.)

The bar mum was summoned and the festivities began.  Once everyone had arrived, Slots banged the gavel and the meeting was officially called to order at 8:05 p.m.  Our inspirational guru, Dixie McCall, imparted these words of wisdom for us to digest along with our onion rings:

“The king threw back his head and laughed.  He enjoyed a good laugh as did his wife, the queen.  When she saw the king laughing she let out a big laugh too.  In fact, she laughed so hard she broke her throne.  This made them laugh harder.  Then they got serious when they remembered they had the plague.  “The plague,” said the king, but the way he said it made them both burst out laughing again.”

We then observed several moments of silence before congratulating Julie for maintaining the high standards the DBC insists upon when choosing this month’s motivational message.  Her performance was superb and her message crystal clear.

From here the meeting followed the usual turn of events.  Food and drink were ordered.  Food and drink were consumed.  People said some words.  Others mocked those words.

Evening’s Topics of Conversation

·        Clare hung up a picture of Elaine’s big head at work

·        Matt brought a secret bag with him. 

·        Mark Wilhelm doesn’t care about his membership badge.

·        Claire Steinbruegge turned her husband in for fixing the ballots

·        Laura brought a wonderful present with her and passed it around for our inspection

·        Julie is amazed by Laura’s story of a 93 year old woman whose canine tooth broke off and flew across the room while she was biting a paramedic.

·        Kudos went out to Laura but we can’t say why

·        Matt knows a man whose left hand was surgically connected to his right arm

·        Matt brought dental floss

·        Julie forgot her name badge

·        John had to make bones and couldn’t attend the meeting

·        Nancy has never tasted horse bones

·        Libby thinks persimmons are good

·        Teresa arrives at 7:37 but no one knew she was there.

·        Mark Wilhelm left and claims to have said goodbye, but most of us don’t believe him.

·        Laura and Clare have pictures of our jaunt to Texas

·        Andy is very upset that he had to miss yet another DBC meeting

·        Julie is as deaf as anything

·        Fred arrives at 8:00

·        Mark W.  returns at 8:04.  We went ahead and greeted him even though he snubbed us on his way out.

·        Our inspirational guru didn’t have time to prepare

·        Mark Sicking arrived at 8:12.

·        Nancy wants her seat back 

·        Mark W said Elaine was stupid

·        Fred is a good sport to put up with Nancy and her family

·        Clare has some ideas about Friday night’s menu

·        Julie wants to do it her way

·        Goodness gracious alive!

·        Bars are closed when polls are open

·        Mark W.  thinks Elaine has fat ears

·        Mark W.  says “Nachos”

·        Mark W.  dominates conversation

·        Laura and Clare can’t decide what to order

·        Mark W.  is hungry again.

·        Matt and Julie decide that the kisses are wrapped in “copper” colored foil

·        Laura concurs

·        Clare dropped a plate on her foot

·        Fred speaks

·        Until Julie does right by Laura everything she touches will turn to stone

·        Elaine accidentally ate a bean and Nancy looked at it

·        Teresa covets the prizes at Chucky Cheese

·        Fred knows someone who can make dodie from a distance

·        Elaine hates JC Cockaroach

·        Mark S.  questions the validity of his spicy chicken wings

·        Laura thinks Julie is a chicken back porch

·        Jeannette left town to move someone’s husband out

·        DodiesTexas.com

·        Teresa giggles at something Mark said

·        Notes are stupid tonight

·        Matt is accompanying Nancy to the bathroom

·        Laura is in an introspective mood

·        Heidi doesn’t like it when Julie sings Heidi Ho

·        There is $22 in the beer fund

·        Clare must leave at 9:55 to get her beauty rest

·        Mark W.  says goodbye this time

·        The new waitress is German

·        Matt and Nancy are talking about Joseph

·        We wonder what kind of trouble Joseph got into this time

·        Why didn’t Teresa come tonight?

·        Mark orders another beer.  Elaine doesn’t want him to drink alone, so she forces one more down.

·        New waitress loves the St.  Louis Cardinals way too much

·        Replay of Cardinals game is on TV – We hope the cardinals win it again this time.

·        Meeting is adjourned at 10:15

·        Mark S.  doesn’t want to go and orders another beer.  Elaine doesn’t want any more.

·        Mark S.  thinks the waitress didn’t charge him correctly

·        We stand in parking lot and look at things in Julie’s car while listening to a CD of someone Matt heard in concert.













Have you told anyone about the DBC ?











Have you told them what DBC stands for?











Have you explained what Dodie and Bones are?












It should be noted that the DBC could not be hoodwinked by Malone’s and sternly refused to pay $11.00 for a bucket of 5 beers when a single longneck cost $1.60.  What did they take us for - Diaper wearing yokels? 

Final Club Business

Mark Sicking will arrange the November DBC meeting.  Please check the website for date and location.

--- Respectfully submitted this 21st day of October, 2005

Seckitary, Alane Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni