DBC Meeting # 13
February 28, 2006

The Pink Galleon
Butler Hill Road, St. Louis MO 63129
(Down the street from Julie's house)


Attendees: N. Slots Machine Lloyd
Fred Weird Beer Lloyd
Mgus Not the Shark Sickis
I Am Teresa!
Mungo Sickis
LaConte of J
Alaine Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni
Dixie McCall BooBash
Banjo Man BooBash
Miss Kitty Sickis
Absentees: Big "O"
Our Favorite Jinny
Pablo El Diablo
Rhea Madea Diarrhea Neffarreah
Mafia A. Macaroni
Chip off the Block Wilhelm
Wally Ball Wilhelm
Intergalactic Janet
Jen The Baptist
Chairperson/Steward: N. Slots Machine Lloyd
Treasurer: Pablo El Diablo
Seckitary: Alaine Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni
Webmaster: Mungo Sickis
Inspirational Guru: Dixie McCall BooBash
Sergeant at Arms: Mgus Sickis
Beer Fund Collector: Chip off the Block Wilhlem
Major Events coordinator: Miss Kitty Sickis

The February 2006 meeting of the DBC was held at the Pink Galleon Pool Hall, Bar and Grill in South St. Louis, MO.  Though this was just a few short steps from the front porch of the infamous BooBash Castle, Julie chose to save wear and tear on her lithe appendages and graciously accepted our offer to cart her to said destination. The meeting was originally scheduled at Frailey’s Bar and Grill but upon inspection, and after taking note of the rather subdued atmosphere, it was quickly decided the Pink Galleon would be more conducive to the special needs of the DBC.  Cell phones were manned, calls were made and members were informed of the change. 

The Pink Galleon was a lively, happenin’ joint, where the beer was frosty and nachos and cheese abounded freely.  Luckily this offset the extremely slow waitresses and loud music enough to ensure an overall enjoyable evening.  Though the BooBash’s had been neighbors of the Pink Galleon for many years, up until this night they (or at least Julie) had never darkened its door.  She can offer no good explanation for this but vows to make amends in the coming months.

Laura, Julie and Elaine had barely settled in when Matt and Jeannette joined them some minutes before 7:00.  It didn’t take long for Nancy and Teresa to arrive and as we always say, 7’s a party, and so we did.  Mark and Fred kept us waiting until approximately 9 bells and the meeting was finally called to order at 9:10 p.m.    Julie wanted us to take it back because Laura gaveled and hence it was not considered official.  Nancy conceded and officially gaveled the meeting to order at 9:10.20

Our Inspirational Guru delivered the following inspirational message.  After hearing this inspirational message, we were all inspired.

"Sometimes the beauty of the world is so overwhelming, I just want to throw back my head and gargle.  Just gargle and gargle, and I don't care who hears me, because I am beautiful."

Meeting Highlights & Conversation Recaps:

  • These tables are very high – What is the purpose of them?  Are they to hold up drunks?  It doesn’t make sense.
  • Ornaments
  • Jeannette in her infinite wisdom has solved the table dilemma and figured out why they are so high.  Thank you O wise woman.
  • Matt loves Mom the most.
  • Nancy is filled with Christmas spirit
  • Jeannette is a go-er and certainly deserves some beads
  • Laura and Teresa are gone again!
  • Julie will not give up sweets this year for lent – not this year or ever again – no way, no how.
  • Matt can’t hear, but smiles politely anyway
  • Jeannette tells Julie a secret
  • Nancy looks pensive and wants to be included in on Jeannette’s secret.
  • Elaine’s pen is at the ready
  • Won’t someone do something noteworthy?
  • No one is talking to Elaine
  • Now Nancy is talking to Elaine.
  • What is Nancy rambling on about?
  • Teresa has returned, but Laura has not
  • It’s 7:50 and Mark and Fred aren’t here yet
  • Clare and Mark can’t come because their dog Jack is throwing up.
  • Clare and Mark must really love their dog Jack.
  • Elaine wishes she could hear what Jeannette is saying to Julie
  • Jeannette is becoming very animated while telling her secret story
  • Do Clare and Mark dress Jack up in little dog outfits?
  • Our waitress is a Christian according to the tattoo she has stamped on her back.
  • Matt uses his straws as chop sticks
  • We don’t want a pitcher of beer because we will get headaches.  Nancy ingeniously suggests that we kindly ask the establishment to fill the pitcher from bottles of beer thus avoiding said headaches.
  • Nancy comments on Elaine’s ruby red ink
  • Elaine believes Nancy is coveting her ink so she will be keeping a close eye on her pen
  • It is toooo loud in here
  • DiMaggio is three
  • We’d be happy to bring appetizers to Libby’s shower
  • Libby doesn’t eat food
  • They have a new fangled digital jukebox and Laura doesn’t know the secret code for turning down the volume.
  • Teresa wants to know if we have a gun
  • Laura attacked the speakers with a pool cue.
  • Elaine loves nachos & cheese but mostly she loves free appetizers of any sort
  • Jeannette wants to know what’s new and exciting.  We would tell her if only she had included us in when telling her secret story to Julie.
  • Nancy has something to say about a lady she met at McDonalds.  She couldn’t understand what the black lady was saying.  She thought that perhaps the lady was hungry and wanted Nancy’s leftovers, but no, she wanted Nancy to order her 2 hamburgers, fries and a coffee.
  • Why would Nancy have leftovers at McDonalds?  Did she order more food than she could eat?  Perhaps Nancy would benefit from a lesson in hunger management and planning.
  • Laura gave a bum in Washington DC a sandwich that had no mayonnaise on it.  The bum was not happy.
  • A lady in Chicago called Julie ugly and then called her an ugly name.
  • Matt went to a baseball game and asked a bum for instructions on using the parking meter.  The bum wanted Matt to get him a sandwich from 7-11 but Matt thought 7-11 was too far away.  Wendy’s was closer so he bought him lunch from there and ate with the bum.  The bum told Matt that he had been in jail for pushing drugs to grade school students.   All in all, Matt thought he was a nice guy because he wrapped up his leftovers up for his other bum friends.
  • Another story of fast food leftovers.  People should eat what they order.
  • Matt has his ear pierced.
  • Teresa tells a story regarding a student who lost the back to her earring and asked Teresa (the school nurse) for help in getting the earring out.  Turns out the earring back was still attached to the earring post and had gone inside her earlobe.
  • A pencil eraser makes a good back for an earring in an emergency situation.
  • David has open sores on his leg.
  • Elaine needs to be excused.
  • Nancy will take minutes for a couple of minutes.
  • Minutes for minutes (tee hee – that’s silly)
  • Turns out it was Brian who was throwing up and not Jack the dog.
  • We’re happy to hear Jack is AOK but saddened that our beer money is at home with Clare and her dog.
  • Laura doesn’t know any songs
  • Laura is leaving.  It’s the club’s general consensus that Laura has ants in her pants.  Maybe she is ADHD.
  • Matt is the only boy in a coop of hens.
  • There is a dead body lying on the next table.
  • This is not a restaurant, it is a workaraunt.
  • Mitch Hedman is dead
  • Teresa is not grooving to the rap music.
  • The proper word is Flip, not Flick.
  • Where are those boys?
  • Laura is the queen, but we don’t know of what.
  • Parmesan cheese cannot be used for a handi-wipe.
  • Nancy is very good with necklaces
  • Julie wonders why skinny girls want to wear real tight pants and look fat.
  • Elaine mistakenly called Jeannette Teresa.
  • Jeannette has too many friends that like to eat.
  • Julie is having a wonderful time.
  • Nancy seems to be enjoying herself as well.
  • We’ve lost track of Laura and Teresa again.  Whose turn is it to watch them?
  • Nancy should become a jewelry coordinator
  • Big sister makes big headway in jewelry industry
  • Jeannette doesn’t want her badge
  • Nancy has stolen all of the beads. 
  • Nancy is a thief
  • Nancy shouldn’t come to the meetings if she intends to continue stealing
  • Matt’s necklace is too long.
  • Jeannette wants to be the fire bandit?
  • Matt says huba huba
  • Matt is a shark
  • Mom taught me party tricks
  • Aunt Lorraine is dead
  • 8:45 and Mark and Fred still AWOL
  • From now on, funeral means shower.
  • Julie is on probation – that is ridiculous
  • Matt is not having any fun.
  • Laura will talk to Matt about lent to cheer him up
  • Julie is uppity with her rosary
  • Laura is having hot flashes
  • According to Laura, Julie had the worst meeting ever.  She wonders if we are just an afterthought in her busy schedule?  (At least we got to wear necklaces.)
  • Nancy had her Rice Krispy cut off and no one noticed.
  • Aunt Rosemary also had a Rice Krispy.  We wonder if she still has it.
  • Should we call Aunt Rosemary to inquire?
  • Matt cut 4 hairy bits of skin cut off of his body.  The doctor froze 1 off.
  • Although it was no abyss, Elaine cut a flap of skin off her back with a nail trimmer.  Teresa tried to wrap dental floss around it but couldn’t get a good grip on it.
  • Sicking siblings are known for cutting things off their bodies
  • Julie did not fulfill her promise to take Mom and Dad to dinner in February.
  • The poster in the woman’s bathroom is held on the wall with 52 screws.
  • This place must have a problem with people stealing the bathroom posters.
  • Mark has an order
  • Fred can’t show up tesils?
  • Mark sings
  • Party is over
  • Matt won and then lost the bar stool race that he had against himself
  • Did Mark really want to be a musical star instead of a computer genius?
  • Forgot to record Mark and Fred’s official time of arrival.  An important event has now been lost to carelessness. We will say they arrived at 9:07.  (That is toilet time)
  • Heckfire Laura – where do you keep going?
  • Go ahead Julie – Inspire us
  • Rend Lake info:  June 20th – No children
  • Elaine’s big toe hurts
  • Laura complained about Julie
  • Elaine misses Nancy’s Rice Krispy – Hopefully she will grow another one soon
  • Julie’s nose was attached by a dodie
  • 2 people memorized Julie’s message
  • The odd becomes the norm if viewed too often
  • Fred needs a vacation
  • Fred is going to do it.
  • That’s what you kids are calling it these days
  • Elaine loves Nancy and her rhinestone collection
  • Elaine know what a hair receiver is but no one else does
  • John Bubash surprises us all and saunters in at 9:30
  • He surely is a surprise guest
  • John probably didn’t really want to come, but worried that we would talk about his absence since he only lives 50 feet away.
  • Poor Elaine –
  • Mark Sicking knows nothing exciting or at least is keeping all exciting things he knows from us
  • Julie sits in the middle of the floor and gargles
  • Jeannette is rubbing Matt’s hair.
  • Matt’s hair is now in a ruckus.
  • Julie says “Marianne” a lot.
  • Jeannette got “picked up” at the Casa Loma Ballroom.
  • Nancy may have gray hair now, but she doesn’t have any Rice Krispies growing on her face.
  • Teresa says “I don’t know”
  • John says “Have a good time
  • We think Teresa and John are talking in code.
  • Teresa and John must be secret agents
  • Everyone has promised not to divulge their cover
  • Teresa says “Libby went”
  • John says “shopping”
  • Julie has large teeth
  • Fred says a lot of words
  • Elaine talks to Mark and he pretends to be interested
  • Nancy has a bead fetish
  • Teresa says that everybody does it
  • Mark & Matt wear long johns
  • Matt had fainting diarrhea 3 times and then an angel appeared to Jeannette
  • Matt had the good sense to fold a towel into a pillow so he would be comfortable when he fainted
  • Matt was wedged into his bathroom
  • Jeannette must really love Matt
  • This music is horrible
  • John has a head as well as a shoulder
  • We hope Clare’s dog is okay.  We are all worried about him.
  • Elaine wears a mask.  Is it really Elaine?  Could it be a stranger trying to infiltrate the DBC meeting?
  • Mark stands up but doesn’t go anywhere.
  • Mark must have been tired from too much sitting
  • Julie goes to look at pictures of boys
  • Nancy says “Tomorrow is a week” but tomorrow is really just the next day – Ash Wednesday.
  • Nancy needs to learn the meaning of the word “tomorrow”
  • Katie can’t get married because the Knights of Columbus have moved
  • Nancy is drunk
  • Fred thinks that’s a whole different story
  • Laura licked the pen and the paper
  • Nancy says it’s worth the beer
  • John looks like he is sitting, but in reality he is standing up
  • There is way too much head banging music being played
  • Laura flushed
  • Mark can communicate in Malaysian
  • Clare Steinbruegge dances every day
  • We should shoot whoever picked out these songs on the jukebox
  • Laura and Julie venture off to put good songs on the digital jukebox
  • Matt wants to go to Krispie Kreme
  • Matt’s favorite donut shop is closed – He is devastated
  • Where was the first McDonalds on the Rock Road?
  • Shawn has a new job but he doesn’t know it
  • Teresa was exceptionally beautiful and witty tonight
  • Elaine has her first experience with a Blackberry computer
  • Mark can open the door to the world with his tiny computer
  • We didn’t know the world’s door was closed
  • Matt gave gum and mints as a parting gift before leaving for the donut shop.
  • Jeannette is either a tart or a fart
  • Nancy lost her beautiful toilet award
  • Elaine makes some motions, but no one notices
  • Elaine leaves with Nancy
  • There are no more beers in the bucket – we must go.

And thus concludes the 13th meeting of the Dodie and Bones Club.

March meeting place and date to be advised by Clare D. Wilhelm contingent on the continued good health of Jack the dog.

- Respectfully Submitted
this 8th day of March, 2006
In honor of Mark and Matt's birthday
Seckitary Alaine Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni