DBC Meeting # 20
September 20, 2006

Milo's on the Hill


Attendees: N. Slots Machine Lloyd
Mgus Not the Shark Sickis (?)
I Am Teresa!
Mungo Sickis
Jen "The Baptist"
LaConte of J
Alaine Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni
Chip off the Block Wilhelm
Wally Ball Wilhelm
Dixie McCall BooBash
Miss Kitty Sickis
Absentees: Big "O:
Our Favorite Jinny
Fred Weird Beer Lloyd
Pablo El Diablo
Rhea Madea Diarrhea Neffarreah
Mafia A. Macaroni
Banjo Man BooBash
Intergalactic Janet
Chairperson/Steward: N. Slots Machine Lloyd
Treasurer: Pablo El Diablo
Seckitary: Alaine Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni
Webmaster: Mungo Sickis
Inspirational Guru: Dixie McCall BooBash
Sergeant at Arms: Mgus Sickis
Beer Fund Collector: Chip off the Block Wilhlem
Major Events coordinator: Miss Kitty Sickis

Sadly, no recalls much about this meeting. 

Matt played Bocce first and showed up later.  He bought some bones from a gumball machine.

The sandwich was pretty good.

There was an old guy having a birthday party and some of the girls talked to him and pretended to care about his birthday in hopes of getting a piece of cake.

I don't think they got any cake.

"Don't remember if we had a Guru Quote from Julie or not"

Later we went home

Topics of Discussion:

  • I have no recollection whatsoever.


- Respectfully Not Submitted
this 20th day of December, 2006
Mungo Sickis, on behalf of Seckitary Alaine Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni