DBC Meeting # 21
November 27, 2006

Village Inn
Manchester Road


Attendees: N. Slots Machine Lloyd
Fred Weird Beer Lloyd
Mgus Not the Shark Sickis
I Am Teresa!
Mungo Sickis
Jen "The Baptist"
Alaine Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni
Chip off the Block Wilhelm
Wally Ball Wilhelm
Dixie McCall BooBash
Miss Kitty Sickis
Absentees: Big "O:
Our Favorite Jinny
Fred Weird Beer Lloyd
Pablo El Diablo
LaConte of J
Rhea Madea Diarrhea Neffarreah
Mafia A. Macaroni
Dixie McCall BooBash
Miss Kitty Sickis
Chairperson/Steward: N. Slots Machine Lloyd
Treasurer: Pablo El Diablo
Seckitary: Alaine Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni
Webmaster: Mungo Sickis
Inspirational Guru: Dixie McCall BooBash
Sergeant at Arms: Mgus Sickis
Beer Fund Collector: Chip off the Block Wilhlem
Major Events coordinator: Miss Kitty Sickis

We sat in this old smoky bar and ate mushrooms and some other food.

The menu was hanging on the wall.

Somebody - Mark Wilhelm - ate a grilled cheese sandwich.  (Or was it q Rueben).

A gentle of somewhat buff physique was approached by Elaine or perhaps Julie and asked if he played football. He said he used to.  They asked a personal question, the gist of which I forget.  He laughed.  Was snickered a couple of times, as well.

We discussed Christmas gifts, and exchanged names in a very professional manner.  There was supposedly some good luck or other mystical properties associated with the order the drawing of the names, but I'm too old to remember what they were.

Julie gave the following guru quote

"I didn't prepare a guru quote for today."

(Sort of a Zen quote this time, huh?)

Matt went to the bathroom a couple of times wherein he made use of one of those old-fashioned trough style urinals.  But he never got around to mentioning the troughs to anyone, so the girls were blissfully unaware of this anachronism.

Then we decided it was too smoky/loud/expensive/smelly at the Village Inn and decided to go elsewhere.  A nice place was found across the street.  Matt go lost and went all the way to Kirkwood or Maplewood or Hollywood or thereabouts before deciding to call his siblings.

Upon arriving at the new venue, Matt was delighted to note that his siblings had decided upon a bar that was not so smoky/ noisy/expensive/smelly.

We got a bunch of gum and Ike&Mikes from the gumball machine and discussed those for a while.

Matt brought in his laptop and decided to bore people with some video.

Topics of Discussion:

  •  Christmas ornaments
  •  Football and strange habits of football players.
  •  Some other stuff I forget.

- Respectfully Submitted
this 20th day of December, 2006
Mungo Sickis, on behalf of Seckitary Alaine Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni