DBC Meeting # 22
December 26, 2006

10319 St. Dolores Drive
St. Ann, MO


Attendees: Big "O"
Our Favorite Jinny
N. Slots Machine Lloyd
Fred Weird Beer Lloyd
Mgus Not the Shark Sickis
I Am Teresa!
Mungo Sickis
LaConte of J
Pablo El Diablo
Intergalactic Janet
Rhea Madea Diarrhea Neffarreah
Alaine Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni
Mafia A. Macaroni
Chip off the Block Wilhelm
Wally Ball Wilhelm
Dixie McCall BooBash
Banjo Man BooBash
Miss Kitty Sickis
Jen "The Baptist"
Absentees: Mafia A. Macaroni
Wally Ball Wilhelm
Banjo Man BooBash
Jen "The Baptist"
Chairperson/Steward: N. Slots Machine Lloyd
Treasurer: Pablo El Diablo
Seckitary: Alaine Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni
Webmaster: Mungo Sickis
Inspirational Guru: Dixie McCall BooBash
Sergeant at Arms: Mgus Sickis
Beer Fund Collector: Chip off the Block Wilhlem
Major Events coordinator: Miss Kitty Sickis

The meeting was never called to order.  We didn't have an inspirational guru message.  Nor were any topics of conversation recorded for posterity.

Instead, we all gathered together at mom and dad's, and reverted, to some extent, to our childhood.  The six sisters changed into identical pink pajamas - very chic - and hung out in the living room pretending to watch Perry Mason or Leave It To Beaver or something.  And we stuffed our faces with too much good food and drink.

Then Dad gave us all the details of his medical condition and upcoming surgery.

We all went around the room and reminisced about our favorite memories of Dad.

"I've had a good life," Dad said.  It sounded a tiny bit wistful and worried, but mostly it sounded like a man who loves his family.

We all looked forward to plenty more good life with this very good man.

- Respectfully Submitted
this 29th day of January, 2007
Mungo Sickis on behalf of
Seckitary Alaine Inaz Sharkaway Macaroni