The Sicking Family

(Winners of the 2007 Heidemann Family Reunion Competition)

Big "O" & Our Favorite Jinny
N. Slots Machine MGus
not the Shark
Mungo Pablo el Diablo Rhea Madera Diarrhea Neffarreah Alane Inez Sharkaway Macaroni Joseph Chip off the Block Dixie McCall Miss Kitty

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Thought for the day

The face of a child can say it all, especially the mouth part of the face.

(Meeting #42 - January 15, 2015)
October Birthdays

Nancy Lloyd (Oct 3)
David Bubash (Oct 5)
Maureen Branson (Oct 22)
Jinny Sicking (Oct 22)
Laura T. Sicking (Oct 22)
Annie Malpocker (Oct 26)
Katie Lloyd (Oct 27)
Mike Sicking (Oct 27)
Mary Wilhelm (Oct 30)
November Birthdays

Kaitie Sicking (Nov 2)
John Bubash (Nov 3)
Luke Sicking (Nov 10)
Johnnie Sicking (Nov 10)
Emily Malpocker (Nov 17)
Cameron Horch (Nov 17)
Sam Sicking (Nov 21)
Andrew Branson (Nov 22)
Crissy Lloyd (Nov 25)
Mark Wilhelm (Nov 29)